Just a few photos from a quick trip down to Florida to dive along the key. Actually got a really good batch of pictures from this trip, even with a flooded strobe on the very first dive. All with Sony α7R III in an Ikelite housing.

This was a nice shot of some anemone on the structure of the Vandenberg wreck off Key West. There was a lot of particles in the water, and while a great and fun pair of dives, not so many pictures (Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS at 35mm 1/60 f6.3 ISO640).

Soft Coral on the Vandenberg

I love the lighting on this one, the film speed may have been too low, but I like it. Mostly French Grunts Haemulon flavolineatum with a lone Brown Chromis Chromis multilineata in the foreground (Sony E 30mm F3.5 macro at 1/160 f/4 ISO125).

French Grunts

You see these a lot, Spotlight Parrotfish Sparisoma viride, this is a mature form, the younger forms are quite different. Not really got a picture that seemed to capture the colors before (macro 1/160 f4 ISO200).

Just a fun one, an odd bunch; three different colors of Ocean Surgeonfish Acanthurus bahianus, and something silvery in the back (macro 1/160 f4 ISO250).

This Spotfin Butterflyfish Chaetodon ocellatus was going around and around the corals in the background and pretty close up for a while (macro 1/160 f4 ISO100).

Spotfin Butterflyfish

We’re not here, you can’t see us behind this tree; I liked the balance and movement in this one. French Grunts again with the all yellow tails and Bluestriped Grunt Haemulon sciurus with the black on their tails (macro 1/160 f4 ISO125).

French Grunts

Now try and tell me this isn’t the derpy-est looking fish, the Blue Parrotfish Scarus coeruleus (macro 1/160 f4 ISO125).

Blue Parrotfish

The vibrancy of the blue spots on this Scrawled Filefish Aluterus scriptus was so cool (macro 1/160 f4 ISO100).

Scrawled Filefish

Nurse sharks Ginglymostoma cirratum are usually hanging out in caves or under overhangs during the day. This one decided it had had enough attention and swam lazily out from its sleeping spot (macro 1/250 f4.5 ISO250).

Nurse Shark

A Great Barracuda Sphyraena barracuda on the reef, I love taking pictures of these as they love to just hang in the water and you can usually get pretty close. You can see the movements in the fans around this one as it stayed motionless (macro 1/200 f4.5 ISO200).